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Foals Arrishes

Gateway to Foals Arrishes on Dartmoor

Foals Arrishes on Dartmoor

Speaking of getting out to the land for inspiration, as we were just yesterday, here are some pictures taken a few weeks ago out on Dartmoor, during my fertile-and-productive weeks of hiatus from online life. (I highly recommend taking periodic time-outs, by the way, in order to re-root oneself in the natural, actual world when one's soul becomes fractured in cyberspace. It sure did me a lot of good.)

The photographs come from on a walk on the moor with my dear friend and neighbor Wendy Froud. The old stone circle, called Foals (or Foales) Arrishes, is what now remains of an Iron Age settlement. The stones might have formed part of a hut circle (according to some archaeologists), or a livestock enclosure (according to others). Whatever the stones were then, they are beautiful now, mysterious and strangely tranquil.

Wendy on the moor

Above is Wendy, my moorland companion. For her view of the same walk, visit her enchanting blog: The Realm of Froud.

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Spring on Dartmoor