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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Above: the great June Tabor performs a gorgeous version of Joy Division's "Life With Tear Us Apart," along with her frequent collaborators, The Oyster Band. June is one of the finest British folksingers of all time, and I could listen to her smokey voice forever.

Below, June performs "Strange Affair" (by the brilliant Richard Thompson), accompanied by guitar master Martin Simpson. Simple and stunning.

From the more traditional end of June's repertoire, I also recommend her stirring rendition of the Border Ballad "Hughie Graeme." Alas, I can't embed this 2003 video, but you'll find it here.


oh! they are both beautiful but Strange Affair has me shivering both guitar and voice are perfectly matched, thank you!

June Tabor is one of my favorite singers for so many reasons. Her voice, of course, and her intelligence, intonation and diction, clarity of story-telling, and emotional restraint. She makes me cry because she does not cry - I hope that makes sense. The emotion is there, has been lived, but she does not wallow in it. Never over-dramatic. Oh, how I would love to sing with her!

Thanks for these choices this morning, Terri.

Beautiful - I love how the cello works with the voices in the first song... and I've never seen a cellist stand to play. Oh, and the second one... what a great combo. Hope all is well with you and yours in the green and pleasant land!

Just lovely - June Tabor has such a rich and unusual voice, pure magic and, as the comment above says, the ability to draw tears with her compassionate singing. Thank you Terri for, as ever, sharing wonderful music as well as your own artistry on your blog. I'm a frequent reader, though I don't often comment - silly how shyness is still here in virtuality!

I love Hughie Graeme and the album it came from "Echo of Hooves"
In fact June Tabor has so many of my Desert Island Discs that I couldn't list them all here, but how about Unicorns?

Thank you for your comments, everyone...and Steve, for the link (I love that song too)...and Kathy, for overcoming virtual shyness!

Lovely, just lovely. I too love June's 'Unicorns', but have you heard June singing with Maddy Prior as the 'Silly Sisters'? Absolutely stunning! Here are two of my favourites...I love those powerful dis-chords, they just send shivers down my spine!

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