This weekend...
Tunes for a Monday Morning

Moments in a Devon spring

Bluebells and willowBluebells and willow

Orchids among the bluebellsWoodland orchids among the bluebells

Eric's old shedEric's old allotment shed at the edge of the woods

Spring flowers around the stone mushroomWildflowers around a stone mushroom

Nettles in the woodsNettles growing in the woods, with bluebells

Nettles 4Freshly picked nettle tips, with columbine

Nettles2Tilly, wildflowers, and a basket of nettles in the studio garden

SunlightGolden evening light out the kitchen window

Nettles 5Preparing nettle soup

Nettle soupThe soup is ready

Nettle soup for supperSoup for supper in the gold evening light...

The back patio at Bumblehill...watched over by Our Lady of Bumblehill (a statue made by Wendy Froud)

Garden statue by Wendy Froud

* If you look very, very closely in the "pot of soup" picture, you'll see the beginning pencil lines for a Bunny Girls mural on the wall above the kitchen hearth