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A second cuppa with Brian and Wendy Froud...

From Trolls, a new book forthcoming from Brian & Wendy Froud

Part II of the "Around the Table" discussion with Brian and Wendy Froud is now up on the John Barleycorn site. (Part I, if you missed it, is here.) The focus of the talk is on the process of creative collaboration, particularly as regards their forthcoming book on Trolls (above)...but there are also many good insights on the creative process in general, so do go have a look. Then pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and  join in the conversation; the Barleycorn boys welcome comments from all.

"When we produce pictures of Trolls, you’re not just looking at pictures of Trolls. I would argue that actually you are looking at a landscape...literally the landscape of Dartmoor...because all of the shapes and forms are based on rocks and roots and trees, and it’s very localised. Then beyond that, not only is it a Troll, and a landscape, it’s also the World. When you are looking at a picture in terms of magic, and magical thinking, everything is encompassed in that one picture; everything!"  - Brian Froud