A cup of tea with Brian and Wendy Froud...
The book of each of us

Mud and the muse

Over the leat 1

When you follow your dog...


...into a wildflower bog...

Diving in

...there's no help for it, you're going to get wet, muddy, and stinky.


But you learn to be agile in the mud and muck...

Over the leat 3b

...and to find new ways to get where you want to go...

Over the leat 3

...and you discover things that you would have otherwise missed...

Over the leat 4

...like this lovely water garden at the end of the leat.

On the other side of the damn

Following the Muse is like that too. Sometimes, in the middle of a story or a painting, you find yourself wallowing through the sticky, boggy bits and you just have to keep on going, no matter where it leads.

But I'm ready for the journey. I'm wearing sturdy boots, and I'm prepared to get muddy. So let's go.