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Tunes for a Monday Morning

The first song today is an atmospheric rendition of the English ballad "Reynardine," performed by the amazing Anglo-Indian singer Sheila Chandra. Chandra uses the drone sound to great effect in her music; you can read her thoughts about drones, crones, and the creative process here

The second song is "Faroe Island, My Mother," a tune rooted in the ancient Faroese ballad tradition, sung by Eivør Palsdottir, with Gustaf Ljunggren on guitar. You'll have to journey over to YouTube to hear it, however, because I'm unable to import the video.  You'll find it here.

Eivør is a singer/songwriter from Syðrugøta, one of the oldest settlements in the Faroese archipelago. She performs in Faroese, Danish, and English, with a repertoire ranging from Scandinavian folk to jazz, classical, and pop.