Tunes for a Monday Morning
Tell all the Truth, but tell it slant


Oooooh! Good to know there's more...this whole conversation has me recalibrating some old "tape" that's been leading me down a path that just isn't mine.
Deep gratitude to all those who are sharing their thoughts...
(sorry for the wanky comment, I'm typing this on my phone which is making my inner Luddite weep)

I have so enjoyed reading the other posts on this topic and was so inspired that I wrote my own. If it seems to contribute something useful to the moveable feast then yay for that, but even if it does not I thought you, Terri and also possibly Howard, would enjoy it as I am contemplating the opposite-the shaman as artist and what that might mean for magical/ritually minded folk. Find it here:

I am slow at learning to follow my Muse, old habits make me want to demand that he follow me. In spite of daily interruptions and duties, I do keep coming back. I'm interested, then, in the many ways to follow the path to creativity. I've got a new post up, maybe for moveable feast inclusion, though it follows my usual tendency to mostly ask questions. Apparently that's a prerogative - that I admit I have no answers. Thanks for continuing the conversation - lately the quotes you post, the poetry, and the images are all so pertinent.


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