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The companionship of water

Demoiselles du Rhin par Arthur Rackham.


From Brenda Peterson's Singing to the Sound: Visions of Nature, Animals, & Spirit:

"When I describe for my far-away friends the Northwest's subtle shades of weather -- from gloaming skies of 'high-gray' to 'low-gray' with violet streaks like the water's delicate aura -- they wonder if my brain and body have, indeed, become water-logged. Yet still, I find myself praising the solace and privacy of fine, silver drizzle, the comforting cloaks of salt, mold, moss, and fog, the secretive shelter of cedar and clouds.

"Whether it's in the Florida Keys, along the rocky Maine coast, within the Gulf of Mexico's warm curves, on the brave Outer Banks; or, for those who nestle near inland seas, such as the brine-steeped Great Salk Lake or the Midwest's Great Lakes -- water is alive and in relationship with those of us who are blessed with such a world-shaping, yet abiding, intimate ally.

Tilly on the coast of Cornwall

"Every day I am moved by the double life of water -- her power and her humility. But most of all, I am grateful for the partnership of this great body of inland sea. Living by water, I am never alone. Just as water has sculpted soil and canyon, it also molds my own living space, and every story I tell.

"...Living by water restores my sense of balance and natural rhythm -- the ebb and flow of high tides and low tides, so like the rise and fall of everyday life. Wind, water, waves are not simply a backdrop to my life, they are steady companions. And that is the grace, the gift of inviting nature to live inside my home. Like a Chambered Nautilus I spin out my days, drifting and dreaming, nurtured by marine mists, like another bright shell on the beach, balancing on the back of a greater body."

Tilly on the north Devon coast

Tilly on the Devon coast

Art above: "Rhine Maidens" by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939), Tilly & Victoria on a misty beach, and Tilly (our ocean loving seal-girl) on the Cornish and Devon coasts.