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Holding on to what's good

Oak tree, Nattadon Hill

Oak tree by John Constable

Rowan and oak entwined

"One of the things we continue to learn from Native Peoples is that stories are our medicine bundles. I feel that way about our poems, our essays, our fictions. That it is the artist who carries the burden of the storyteller. Terrence Des Pres speaks of  'a prose witness' that relies on the imagination to arrive at the heart of the matter. I believe this is our task as writers to respond to the world as we see it, feel it, and dare to ask questions that will not allow us to sleep. Imagination. Attention to details. Making the connections. 'Art -- right word to station the mind and hold the heart ready.' "   - Terry Tempest Williams

“Hold on to what is good even it is a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here. Hold on to my hand, even when I have gone away from you.”  -  Nancy Wood

Tilly among the oak roots

I'll be off-line all of next week, and then back in the office (and back to this blog) on Monday, September 3rd. Have a good week, everyone.

Art above: Oak tree drawing by John Constable (1776-1837)



We are the greening.
Limb by limb,
leaf and flower,
stand and fall,
we offer our wood.
Together we die,
rise up again.
Green shoots out of the ground.
Witnessed by sun, by rain,
by birds in branches,
by egg in its cradle,
by snake and squirrel,
and all the small natures
climbing towards the sun.
Do not mistake the tree’s silence.
Listen to its voice.
Raise your hand.
Talk back.

© 2012 Jane Yolen All rights reserved

That is beautiful. I think we should all listen to the trees. They speak the wisest words.

Thank you for the lovely words this Friday morning Terri. Inspirational and uplifting as always. The picture of Tilly nestled in the tree roots melts my heart. x

I agree, on all counts.


Listen to trees - YES - and for me, sing to them of my gratitude...

Terri, I absolutley LOVE this photo of Tilly amongst the tree roots... magical!

Thank you Terri for all the truly wonderful posts this august. So thoroughly enjoyed them...

Best of wishes for next week!


Beautiful quotes and photos, and I especially loved the poem by Jane Yolen. It reminded of what Hildegard of Bingen called viriditas, or greening power, which means fecundity and growth not only in nature but also in creativity.

Have a great week, Terri! ^_____^

Thanks for this. Photos, quotes, and comments all. This is such an inspiring, refreshing place to come to.

Just finished reading "Coyote Wisdom: The Power of Story in Healing" by Lewis Mel-Madrona, and as a result this post is speaking to me on all sorts of levels. I think I need the company of trees now (thank you Jane, for that gorgeous poem).

Viraditas! Wonderful. Thank you for a very useful and wise word new to me.

Wise words indeed. Just love the pic of Tilly sitting at the base of the beautiful tree. Also love the faerie peeping out from under the tree root, front right corner. ox

Best picture of Tilly girl ever! Guardian of the oaks! Blessings abound to you and yours...J

My father always found so much solace and wisdom in trees. I too always feel nature is the ultimate healer and artist. There’s always such solace to be found in just watching the leaves move slightly in the breeze and knowing this seasons will pass. Wishing you peace in your week of absence and as always finding great joy in the wise and loving Tilly, Jane’s poem and the comments. xx

Thank you, everyone. My family has made it safely through another rough patch (whew!), and those us dealing with health issues are making good progress. We're all hoping for some smoother sailing ahead, after a couple of years of very choppy seas. And we continue to be grateful for all the support we've had from all of you in the Mythic Arts community.

I spent some time with Lewis in Tucson, years ago. Very interesting man, full of stories.

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