Mother Tongue: A New Moveable Feast
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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Above: "A Moveable Musical Feast" from the great Canadian singer/songwriter and Celtic music scholar Loreena McKennitt...which seems a perfect video to post at the start of our own new Moveable Feast. It's a medley of songs containing "The Gates of Istanbul," "The Highwayman" (a musical version of Alfred Noyes' poem of the same title, first published in 1906) , and "Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit)."

Below: "Teignmouth," by the Tricksterish singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf, from south London. The video was filmed at the Hilles House in Painwick, Gloucestershire last month. (via Jen Parrish)


Thankyou Terri, for introducing me to Patrick Wolf! I'm hooked. What a beautiful voice. ox

I knew McKennitt of course and love her work,but Wolf was a revelation. Thanks for that. (And he looks and sounds like my imagined great grandchild of Virginia and Leonard Woolf with perhaps some input in the lineage somewhere from Rosetti!)


I've always loved McKennitt, particularly her musical renditions of poems like The Highwayman and The Lady of Shalott. I love listening to her while writing (and any other excuse I can get). McKennitt Mondays sound like a grand excuse.

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