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Mother Tongue: A New Moveable Feast

Little People's Market by Arthur Rackham

The Mythic Arts blogging community is hereby initiating a new Moveable Feast, "Mother Tongue," on the entwined subjects of land, language, art, and storytelling. The list of posts on this subject so far is over on the Moveable Feast page...and everyone is welcome to join in.

If you have a dish to add to the Feast (ie: a related post on your blog), please leave a link to it in the comments section here or on the Feast page and I'll add you to the list. (Please let me know where in the world you're writing from.) If you're not a blogger yourself, you can still join in by contributing to the Comments section of each participating blog. 

Let the Feast begin!

The art above is by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)



Wonderful! I'm working on a new post which might fit too, I'll send a link when it's posted. I love these cross-pollinations of ideas and inspirations! Translogical/transglobal thinking!


such a delicious menu, I'm going back for a second helping!

This is wonderful & very in keeping with something I'm in the midst of launching, in one of those wonderful synchronicities that life hands out occasionally. I can't wait to peruse it with some depth.

Perhaps this fits? Not sure but hoping that it does....


Cate (Ottawa)

Comments are closed on the Feast Page, so I'll leave an update here:

The location for this entry * "Where go you get your ideas?" at Magical Moments (Location unknown) is Jefferson, GA, USA



It's a beautiful world we create through the Cyberpen. Just want to update my "location". My roots are from Hawaii, I write from Langley, WA, USA
Aloha, Mokihana

Here is mine: http://www.virginiamohlere.com/?p=656

Lovely. I've put it on the list.

Thanks, Malcolm! And I've changed the Comments settings so comments can be left on the Moveable Feast page now too. Thanks for the heads-up on that.

Sorry about that, Mokihana. I'll make the correction now.

The Glen! Oh my gracious! I've left a comment on your post, Virginia.

I've posted part one (of what probably might be more...I think!), about the failures of human language to encompass all our experiences. And rather ironically, I could not get the words to settle and play nice and explain what I mean. So perhaps it's a post that explains the failure of language...by failing to explain what I mean about the failure of language! ;-)

Well, not sure if it quite fits, and I am still reading my way through the other posts, but here is one possible contribution. It is certainly about storytelling, and the power of a place and a moment, and language, words dripping from the tongue like delicious juices, and how certain words just need to be read aloud, and rolled about, tasted on the lips, all of which makes it a feast!

I have joined the Mythic Arts Blogging community...again, by starting up our Tales from the Mythical Muse. So I thought I would start by bringing over entries and notes from my LiveJournal and Facebook Notes.

So here is my entry on the experience of hearing "Goblin Market" recited from memory about the Fire Circle at NY Faerie Festival. My, what a luscious morsel that was...

Reading over the other blogs, I tagged my first entry on "Tales from the Mythical Muse". I set the way back machine for that one, and brought up a post from Nov. '06 on my LJ. As it was written deeply from the heart on the love of my largest piece of art ever, a 900 ft. Nature Trail Labyrinth, I felt it deeply connected to this theme. Place it everything to me. I learned long ago to make altars, and treat them in a sacred manner, then, expand your thoughts so that all the world is your altar, that you lay your art in sacrifice to. My labyrinth, now long gone, was a temple to this.


Part 2 of 'The faliure of language' is now up in the attic , here:

There might be a Part 3, I'm not sure yet. Or it might just circle around to meet its own tale/tail, as the thing I love about language is those very failings.

Oops...FAILURE! Really should go and find my glasses......

*silly giggle to self*...the failure to write failure....oh dear, perhaps I should just go and have a nap!

Another fabulous post, Christina. I've added it to the list.

I have added a small dish of my own-more about color and the feel of autumn as it finally flows over South Texas-than words this time around! You can find it here: http://milagroroots.tumblr.com/
Thank you for posting this Terri-after being gone for ten years I moved back home to San Antonio in 2009-its a mixed blessing being in Texas-but it does feel right at this time.

A lovely post -- such beautiful photos! I love the Wendell Berry quote, and I'm glad you've brought him to the feast! I'm also glad to hear that the move back to Texas feels right. I've heard many good things about San Antonio.

Here's my contribution, writing from Scotland:


I got the idea for this fairly early in the dinner, but with any luck it'll make a good digestive.

A very tasty dish indeed -- thank you! It's on the list.

That's a great idea. I'd love to join too but I haven't make any entry yet. I'll post it here as soon as I made my story.

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