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Mythic Arts/Speculative Fiction community alert:


The artist who makes these lovely and practical Knitting Counting Bracelets (and is also a copy-editor in the NY publishing field) is having a medical emergency, and (like so many Americans) has no medical insurance to cover it. This is the perfect time to do some early Christmas shopping to support her. Or, if you'd like to simply make a donation to the cause, there's more info and a paypal button here. If you can help this member of our community in need (by making a purchasing, donation, or passing these links on), please join me in doing so.

About the bracelets, she says: "Knitting Counting Bracelets are a way to keep count of your knitting rows or (for lace knitting) pattern repeats, worn on your wrist as jewelry. Other row counters can be dropped, lost easily, buried in your knitting basket or purse—this one you can leave on your wrist when you get up from knitting because it's actually jewelry."