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Another fine artist (and good friend) here in our magical little village has joined the Mythic Arts blogosphere. Please visit Susie Yorke's Moon on the Moor for beautiful paintings, sketches, and reflections on Dartmoor life. In addition to being an artist, Susie is a master acupunturist, a lover of wilderness, a devourer of books, and the fabulous lead singer in a swing/jazz/blues band called Cuckoo Club. (Howard is the band's percussionist.) You may remember her name from the "On Your Desk" photo series; her workspace was featured last year.

I'm about to start that series up again, by the way -- so if you haven't contributed, or if your work space has changed and you'd like to contribute again, you're welcome to do so. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photos) in the first post of the series. To view the full series (so far) go here.

On Your Desk, Susie York


Thank you for another wonderful artist!

Great... heading over to Moon on the Moor, and very much looking forward to the On Your Desk series starting again. A blessed Equinox to you this weekend!

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