Cycles and crescent moons
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White Kite Hovering by Jane Rosen.jpg

From Wild: An Elemental Journey by Jay Griffiths:

"The wild. I have drunk it, deep and raw, and heard it's primal, unforgettable roar. We know it in our dreams, when our mind is off the leash, running wild. 'Outwardly, the equivalent of the unconscious is the wilderness: both of these terms meet, one step even further on, as one,' wrote Gary Snyder. 'It is in vain to dream of a wildness distinct from ourselves. There is none such,' wrote Thoreau. 'It is the bog in our brains and bowls, the primitive vigor of Nature in us, that inspires the dream.'

"And as dreams are essential to the psyche, wildness is to life.

Change of Coat by Jane Rosen

"We are animal in our blood and in our skin. We were not born for pavements and escalators but for thunder and mud. More. We are animal not only in body but in spirit. Our minds are the minds of wild animals. Artists, who remember their wildness better than most, are animal artists, lifting their heads to sniff a quick wild scent in the air, and they know it unmistakably, they know the tug of wildness to be followed through your life is buckled by that strange and absolute obedience. ('You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star,' wrote Nietzsche.) Children know it as magic and timeless play. Shamans of all sorts and inveterate misbehavers know it; those who cannot trammel themselves into a sensible job and life in the suburbs know it.

"What is wild cannot be bought or sold, borrowed or copied. It is. Unmistakeable, unforgettable, unshamable, elemental as earth and ice, water, fire and air, a quitessence, pure spirit, resolving into no contituents. Don't waste your wildness: it is precious and necessary."

A Class of Birds by Jane Rosen

Lamb Girl and Fox Girl by Jane Rosen

The gorgeous drawings and sculptures above are by Jane Rosen, who works from a ranch in northern California. "Now art for me--when I see a shell, or I see a horse, when I see two weather systems meeting--I don't understand it with words," she says (in an interview with Richard Whittaker). "I feel something. I experience something. I am aware of it, but I can't say what it is. When I try to understand it with my hands, something in the alchemy--the process of working--engages a kind of listening, the underwater life connects. It registers something and begins to lead me. And so rather than impose, I follow. For me that is the art process."

To see more of her work, please visit her beautiful website and online gallery.


Artistic Statement #1

Do not be fooled, never be fooled,
by the brackets between my eyebrows,
or the neat little lines of my poem.
Do not think me content in the sheepfold.
Do not judge me by the carefully-drawn map.
Do not assume me assuming the posture,
the rigid ridge of spine, the snap of salute.
I turn the map upside down to read it,
leap the fold’s fence, write the last lines first.
Inside me a cauldron simmers,
a caldera, a chaos, a concatenation,
a stew of my own intestines.
I feed on my own heart,
a word containing both heat and art.
My stomach roils, bulges, crawls,
then my womb opens to the universe
and I give birth to a dancing star.

©2012 Jane Yolen All rights reserved

that top picture is incredible.

A thoroughly shamanic and tricksterish poem. Wonderful.

Yes of xourse, i soar and rut and run with the wolves n my mind's eye, but I'm tame...tame enough to grow herbs, then dry them for Winter, enough to know without the flame my blood would freeze, but I live in a City and need the boiler to work. When I visit the friends in a more country=like setting, I admire the wood pile, but love the propane heated hot tub, as do the cats who occupy every chair there. I'm tame enough to know that if I ever let this wildness loose, there would be no stopping it, and I want to live in peace wherever I can find it. Oh, I love the wild and wild things with all my heart. I live as part of all of that, of the history of our human story, here in these concrete canyons, and content enough to be grateful.

Michelle--some of us think of the cities as the new Dark Forest. Just saying.

Jane (born and bred in Manhattan, moved to New England and occasionally live in Scotland, but The City stays wild in the blood!)

I agree with Sarah - that top picture's fantastic!

(And, of course, love Jay's writing and am for the Wild all the way, in case there was any doubt.)

Terri, you might like the latest piece, Nettle-Eater - it's set on the moor:


More beautiful images to take my breath away. ox

I feel so tame sometimes, feel like my wildness is buried so deep I can't let it out. It just scratches and churns and won't let me have any peace. I have to be mother, wife, good employee, responsible adult...and I long to run down the street singing...or to live in the wild on nettles (See Tom's gorgeous piece of prose here:

Ah Jane--the blood is wild wherever the body takes it to roam. We know what we know once we know..just saying :-)

Love every picture and word of this! I feel like leaping from my chair across the desk bunny tail twitching and out the opening door..shocking one and all...mainly me! Mother's house sold to young sweet couple w/baby. I hope baby will discover all the hedgerows and burrows of bunny down...blessed be everyone!!!!!

fabulous words by Jay Griffiths ( "A Love Letter From a Stray Moon" is a favourite too) and those sculptures and interview with Jane Rosen... her words speak so sharp and straight to the heart of the matter...
"... my having synethesia--that is, actually hearing forms--if I look at a wing I don't see the shape of a wing, I hear the sound. So, if I am hearing this sound as a form or movement and am following that sound, the wing appears. I don't make the wing. If I try to make a picture of that wing I draw very badly. I don't draw well."
and she draws & carves with such an exquisite line...

Oh, what a rebel heart!

In my complicated day, this is a resting place for a little while. Then I have to go out into my city,
which is by a bay. For food and books.

Wildness is why I've found more and more fairy tales released these days to be inspiring; no glitter and wands...the fairies have teeth and claws and aren't at all tame. I need to feel the wildness, touch it sometimes, even if my life is pretty much a cage at the moment. At least I can look through the bars.

Some time ago I wrote a story...and I bemoaned interstitial art and darker stories. You remembered the email. And the book I was writing eventually was finished. Now, it's ready for publication, and a tree will be planted for each book sold. I wanted to thank you...thank you so much for keeping myth alive, and inspiring even those of us who can't fly free.

Mo how fortunate to HEAR what you SEE---that's a gift worth having. I am reminded of a short astounding video a poet alerted me too that I once published on my can certainly HEAR this wildness too:
Full HD High Speed Movie -- 1000 fps
Eagle Owl
Photron Full HD High Speed Camera SA2

Tell us how to find your book, oh, do! The title and publisher please, so it can fly further.......

Oh what a fine piece of writing. Thank you for sharing this. It made sparks fly.

She is what artists are--entirely engaged in the lifenes of what she sees--Jane Rosen,s work is brilliand--the drawings
Thank you Terri for this introduction, and for the inspiration your posts provide so regularly.

the quote was from Jane Rosen's interview with Richard Whittaker that Terri linked above, it speaks so clearly to me to really listen to the lines I'm drawing for Old Man Crow...

I wasn't sure it would be okay to advertise it here, but the link is here - Wyrdwood Publications will release the book on 13 October. I'm chuffed about the publication, but very chuffed about the fact a tree will be planted for every eBook sold. A small grove somewhere planted in my name would make me very happy indeed!

May it fly far. Long Live Lon'Aite.

Oh that first painting of the kestral plucked at my soul-strings, I love it...the words resonate too, wonderful :)

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