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Flu and feasts

The Wedding Feast in a Barn

I'm down with a relapse of flu, and will be back on Monday. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the new dishes added to the "Mother Tongue" Moveable Feast, on the entwined subjects of land, language, art, and storytelling. I also recommend a lovely new piece by Mark Helprin on "Bumping Into Characters," in The New York Times.

Speaking of feasting, we're so proud of our daughter, Victoria Windling-Gayton, for being part of the talented team of chefs under Alyn Williams at the Westbury all this past year -- for their skill, dedication, and hard, hard work has just been rewarded with a Michelin star. The restaurant opened in the Mayfair section of London in the autumn of 2011, and to win this prestigious star in their first year is an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations to Alyn, to Victoria, and to the whole 2011/2012 AW team!

Art above: "Wedding Feast in a Barn" by Brueghel, Pieter (the Younger)