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Flu and feasts

The Wedding Feast in a Barn

I'm down with a relapse of flu, and will be back on Monday. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the new dishes added to the "Mother Tongue" Moveable Feast, on the entwined subjects of land, language, art, and storytelling. I also recommend a lovely new piece by Mark Helprin on "Bumping Into Characters," in The New York Times.

Speaking of feasting, we're so proud of our daughter, Victoria Windling-Gayton, for being part of the talented team of chefs under Alyn Williams at the Westbury all this past year -- for their skill, dedication, and hard, hard work has just been rewarded with a Michelin star. The restaurant opened in the Mayfair section of London in the autumn of 2011, and to win this prestigious star in their first year is an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations to Alyn, to Victoria, and to the whole 2011/2012 AW team!

Art above: "Wedding Feast in a Barn" by Brueghel, Pieter (the Younger)


Feel better soon Terri! I'm minding a sick husband with bronchitis, these bugs seem to thrive in our damp weather, I wish they'd go away! Hot tea, warm blankets, books and pets - that's my prescription! x

oh a new book by Mark Helprin, "Winter's Tale" is one of my all time favourite books! X fingers you feel better soon Terri!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Congratulations on the Michelin Star - that's huge.
(A TV trivia aside: Have you seen Lenny Henry's "Chef"? Having a step-son who's training to be a chef, I watch it with new eyes.)

Off to check out more offerings to the feast...

Feel better Terri - there's early-autumn flu going around Wiltshire too, my husband and I both had it. Took a couple of weeks to really shake it.

And congratulations to Victoria. We have a chef in our family too - my brother-in-law - and as Lynn says, a Michelin star is huge! It's like winning an Oscar, she'll have this on her CV for the rest of her life. You must be doubly proud that she's accomplished this during a year when your family has been under great stress. So another congratulations to all of you, as a family.

To Lynn: I haven't seen Lenny Henry's 'Chef' but must do so now. We've been watching The Great British Bake-off with great pleasure though. Such drama!

I hope you feel better soon, Terri. And MANY congrats to Victoria and team for the Michelin star!

I hope you will better soon and I hope you will enjoy the weekend.

Huge congrats to Victoria and the whole team!

*feel better

Hugs for the flu battle. You have many epaulettes and bronze stars for your ongoing health battles.

Stars too, for Victoria. What a first year!

And as I am reading galleys for Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, more stars for that as well. (Glad you referenced the Brigid/changeling/fairy doctor story. When I read the nonfiction book about it a couple of years ago, all the hairs on my body stood at attention: horrific and fascinating.)

No poem for the blog today, but hugs all around.


Do look for it, Cynthia Rose. I love *anything* with Lenny Henry in it, but this show - especially with those of us with someone on the inside of the kitchen world - is a real treat!

Feel better soon, Terri. Congratulations, Victoria. And for the record: my favorite drama about cooking is the animated film Ratatouille!

Agreed Chris on all three accounts. Take care Terri, wonderful to have a chef in the family, and Ratatouille is one of my smile-your-way through movies, too.

Feel better Terri! Yay for delicious food, fine chefs, and stars! Thank you for all the yummy dishes in this moveable feast!

Hoping you feel better very soon, and big congrats to Victoria!

Have you read the new book by Lawrence Norfolk, 'John Saturnall's Feast'? A very good tale set in England just before and after Cromwell's reign. Great characters and descriptions of food. Terrific!!

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