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The dream of feathers...

From Ashs and Snow by Gregory Colbert

From "The Dream of Feathers" by Linda Hogan (of the Chickasaw Nation), published in her luminous book Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World:

"Perhaps there are events and things that work as a doorway into a mythical world, the world of first people, all the way back to the creation of the universe and the small quickenings of earth, the first stirrings of human beings at the beginnings of time. Our elders believe this to be so, that it is possible to wind a way backwards to the start of things, and in doing so find a form of sacred reason, different from ordinary reason, that is linked to forces of nature. In this kind of mind, like in the feather, is the power of sky and thunder and sun, and many have had alliances and partnerships with it, a way of thought older than measured time, less primitive than the rational present. Others have tried for centuries to understand the world by science and intellect but have not yet done so, not yet understood animals, finite earth, or even their own minds and behavior. The more they seek to learn the world, the closer they come to the spiritual, the magical origins of creation.

"There is a still place, a gap between the worlds, spoken by the tribal knowings of thousands of years. In it are silent flyings that stand aside from human struggles and the designs of our own makings. At times, when we are silent enough, still enough, we take a step into such mystery, the place of spirit, and mystery, we must remember, by its very nature does not wish to be known."

The photograph above is from the Ashes and Snow series by Gregory Colbert.


'In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.'

― Irish essayist Robert Lynd

Let us gather in that gap and sing songs without words together forever.

Amen to that.

The Dream of Feathers: A Haiku

The dream of feathers,
fingertips grasping the air,
I touch heaven's hem.

©2012 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Sometimes I imagine our world healing a bit if there were a deep knowing of how to let the mystery be the mystery.... beautiful post.

Terri has posted this before, but I think it's appropriate today:

Iris DeMent's "Let the Mystery Be"


That is just right. Just perfect.

Oh, I love that.

...by its very nature does not wish to be known.

Ah me. This is an amazing piece of work, this writing.

"heaven's hem" beautiful!

Chris, thank you so much for the link to "Let the Mystery Be" ... I listened early this morning as I answered email to young cousins back home trying to unravel a lineage which seems to be saying just that.

Terri you attach us to that "hem of heaven" Jane writes of. Fringe, like Spider's webs.

Gorgeous photograph.

beautiful words image responses it all gives me hope - that "thing with feathers" (with thanks to Emily Dickinson)


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