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Art by Carl Larsson

A quick post to recommend Philip Hensher's lovely paean to the handwritten word, "Why Handwriting Matters."

"I've come to the conclusion," he says, "that handwriting is good for us. It involves us in a relationship with the written word that is sensuous, immediate and individual. It opens our personality out to the world, and gives us a means of reading other people. It gives pleasure when you communicate with it. No one is ever going to recommend that we surrender the convenience and speed of electronic communications to pen and paper. Though it would make no sense to give up the clarity and authority of print which is available to anyone with a keyboard, to continue to diminish the place of the handwritten in our lives is to diminish, in a small but real way, our humanity."

I agree. I love handwriting so much that it drifts from my letters and notebook pages into my drawings, paintings,  collages...and then onto the walls of houses and studios...a gentle scattering of poems, quotes, half-legible tales, slipping into and out of our dreams....

Fairies in the Meadow

Art above: Carl Larsson's painting of his diningroom at "Little Hyttnäs,"  and my "Fairies in the Meadow" (a detail from a larger collage)


What a wonderful article! Unexpectedly moving. And it's nice to see all this Larsson art this week and your own charming drawing.

I do hope you feel better soon!


And I agree with him: I know that writing by hand is good for ME. I cherish the twisted nail of the middle finger of my left hand, the divot I can feel in that bone that tells me - I have put so many words on paper that it has physically changed me.

I know that writing by hand is good for my friendships. I have heard so many times "I was so happy to get your letter today."

Not long ago, I came across a letter from my late grandmother. I hadn't seen any of her letters in a long time. I thought I had gotten rid of it all. I wept over that piece of lined notebook paper, covered with stickers. It was a letter she had sent me after I had a terrible surgery, wishing me well, telling me about how when she had her appendix out, she made her surgeon give it to her in a bottle of vodka so she could show it to her friends. She lived again, in my reading of that letter, her dear voice and laughing eyes.

Thank you for posting this. I hope your feel better soon.

Hope you get well, Terri. These Larsson's paintings are so soothing. Idyllic. And I love all your bunny
folk. They all look ready to be in charming stories.

I so agree with you, Virginia. Hand writing is good for me. I have just finished a post that includes handwriting in the sacred everyday that is a gift I take not for granted.
It's here if you'd like to read it: http://makuaoo.blogspot.com/2012/10/sacred-everyday-and-gift-of-handwriting.html

Terri, I am always so appreciative of your generous posts and links that give where in your office or as you are recouping. Take care.

Terri has the loveliest handwriting I have ever seen.

I have a much cherished collection of my grandmother's poems, carefully written out in her beautiful and unique hand. Her handwriting was so much a part of her, and some of these are over 70 years old, in faded brown ink on yellowing notepaper. They bring her back to life every time I look through them.

What a treasure!

Terri, you do have lovely handwriting! Thank you for reminding me how much I actually do love handwriting. I was once a calligrapher but I've been taking my own life-formed writing for granted for a long time now, without quite recognizing its potential for inspiration, memory and evocation.

Hope you are well now Terri. What I love about this site is it introduces me to writers and artist I was unaware of, invariably this leads me to spend money!
How I managed to miss the work of Carl Larsson all these years is beyond me.

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