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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today's tunes come from The Trishas, out of Austin, Texas.

Above, a Kevin Welch song: "To Old to Die." Below, one of their own:"Dusty Shoes."The videos are part of the  Music Fog project, celebrating the Americana music scene.

The final piece is a music video for "Drive," a single track that the band released last year. This video never fails to make me miss the dusty roads of the American southwest, and my battered old pickup truck in Tucson....


TOO OLD TO DIE is my favorite today...I think I'll repost it with your blessing. Sending blessing thoughts to you this Monday morning before sun up :-)

I like all the rust-n-dust...though a dog in the pick-up would've added extra authenticity. :)

I love "Drive"...nothing better than jumping in your ride and just going....plan for next friday...go find the fall color and be silent...

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