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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today, four wintry songs from four countries for you...

Above: "Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)" from the English singer/songwriter Laura Marling. Marling, who first started making a name for herself in the London folk scene when she was just 16, turns 23 on Friday. (Happy birthday!) For more Laura Marling, I recommend a video recently recorded in a back alley in Melbourne, Australia: "Don't Ask Me Why/ Salinas."

Below: "January Hymm" by the American alt-folk band The Decemberists (Portland, Oregon), fronted by singer/songwriter Colin Meloy. The song is from their 2011 album The King is Dead.


"The Winter Hours" by The Deep Dark Woods, from Saskatoon, Canada. The song is from their third album, Winter Hours (2009).

And last:

"Árvas" by the Sami singer/songwriter Sofia Jannok, from Gällivare, Sweden, whose music is influenced by the Sami yoik tradition.

And now I want to throw this open to you:

What are your favorite songs of the season...?