Tunes for a Monday Morning

The dog who could see the wind

Neil and Cabal

My old friend Neil Gaiman has written a very moving eulogy for his dog Cabal, posted here.  If you're a dog-lover yourself, beware; it's virtually impossible to read the piece without a few tears. As I wiped off my own, I turned to Tilly and insisted, "You're going to life forever, right?"

To lose a good dog is to lose a best friend and family member all in one. Rest in peace, Cabal.

The painting below is "Know But Do Not Tell " by the wonderful American painter Jeanie Tomanek. The name, I'm guessing, refers to this quote from the letters of Emily Dickinson:

"You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself that my father bought me. They are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell."

Know But Do Not Tell by Jeanie Tomanek