In the lull between storms
Silence, 1


Oh my goodness I love this. Especially the oak tree's story in the hidden picture captions.

Thank you for starting my day with this delicate magic, dear lady. I'll be off across our own snowy fields to feed the animals soon and I will listen out for the oaks.

Terri, the photos are beautiful, and I'm sad to say that I only have a phone, so only realized that I'm missing the Oak Tree's Story. The earlier comment alerted me to the wonders, I'm missing. Got to get a computer! I'd already started adding to "once upon a time "!
Once upon a time the snowflakes sang to me, as they laid themselves down on my arms ...

That painting in words just cries out to fall out of a brush/pen or pastel stick.

Tell us more, please tell us more!

Yes tell more. Snow is predicted here, but no oaks to tell the story. Oh, if I traveled uptown, and into the depths of Central Park, I might find one to talk to. But the tale I;d tell of broken branches and strangled roots would only make it weep, so I'd have to simply listen, waiting for it to speak.

No poem from me needed as you have already done it with photos and the paragraph about the magical land you inhabit. (Or that inhabits you.)


An oak;
Mother of a million acorns,
Broad as the snow filled heaven,
Deep-rooted as the dreaming Dartmoor rock.

She stands, seeming still, asleep, to our small sense of time.

In her own time, oak-time, each cell pulses life,
Hot sap warms her heartwood,
cracking fibrous thoughts twist and twine,
tracing tales
uttered in snowsoft breaths, invisible;

untold seasons' stories scratched by lettered lines
of unblind branches
across the snow white page of sky.

Austin takes the downed baton and carries on. . . .


Austin, the cheeky kitchen boy, sneaks furtively onto the throne that the Queen temporarily vacated. Then hurries away, heart pounding, back to his pots and pans...

The tree tells all.... :)

Lovely pictures and evocative words!

oh and then?

The perfect post....thank you.

Love that line....

very nice ... 'kitchen boy'

Lovely photos of the oak tree.


A wonderful post. Thank you. I found this on BBC iPlayer "Tales of Winter - The Art of Snow and Ice" (any programme that starts with Breughel has my vote)

Oh I love the Oak Tree's story and the words you have woven... There are lots of old Oak People in the woods where I live,and right in the wood's tangled depths a truly mighty monarch stands gestulating with broad boughs.
He has reached his roots into the story that been growing in my notebook...

what a tree!

Careful, or I will have to take out my sword and. . .Knight you!



Beautiful, beautiful tree - and a story like a meditation whispering through the land. Perfect! Thank you!

Just found your magical blog and spent a couple of happy hours reading through it! I will be a regular visitor from now on,

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