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New dishes for the Feast

Sneezle's Feast

We have two wonderful new dishes for our latest Moveable Feast on the topic "Desiring Dragons: What Brings us to Myth & Fantasy?"

The first post, "Desiring Dragons," is from Young Adult novelist Katherine Langrish in Oxfordshire. You'll find it on her fabulous books-and-folklore blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles (which I hope you're all reading anyway). The second post, also called "Desiring Dragons," is a tasty dessert from writer, artist, and performance artist Christine Irving in north Texas, on her blog Mused by Magdalene, For a full list of the "Desiring Dragons" posts to date, go here.

Also, there's an on-going conversation in the Comments section of last week's Art and Magic post that's worth perusing, if you've missed it or care to join in.

Image above: Sneezle feasting with a house brownie in The Faeries of Spring Cottage, the third book in the "Old Oak Wood" childre's book series that I co-created with Wendy Froud. The art, of course, is by Wendy.