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We have two wonderful new dishes for our latest Moveable Feast on the topic "Desiring Dragons: What Brings us to Myth & Fantasy?"

The first post, "Desiring Dragons," is from Young Adult novelist Katherine Langrish in Oxfordshire. You'll find it on her fabulous books-and-folklore blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles (which I hope you're all reading anyway). The second post, also called "Desiring Dragons," is a tasty dessert from writer, artist, and performance artist Christine Irving in north Texas, on her blog Mused by Magdalene, For a full list of the "Desiring Dragons" posts to date, go here.

Also, there's an on-going conversation in the Comments section of last week's Art and Magic post that's worth perusing, if you've missed it or care to join in.

Image above: Sneezle feasting with a house brownie in The Faeries of Spring Cottage, the third book in the "Old Oak Wood" childre's book series that I co-created with Wendy Froud. The art, of course, is by Wendy.


I *love* the Robert Graves poem at the end of Katherine's post! Thank you, Katherine, and thank you, Christine.

Your date is wrong. It's the 19th. But such is the authority of your voice, I had to check it three times before I believed you could have made the mistake, not me!


I'm confused, Jane. It was yesterday, Monday the 18th when I posted this...along with the Monday tunes.

Ah--that hadn't shown up here on my server till the new day. Such is the wonder of the Internet. Sometimes I get email instantaneously and sometimes it comes a week or a month too late. Or never. Just like snail mail!


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