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Tricks & Treats 1The Dog's Tales: a series of posts in which Tilly has her say....

How to Train Your People to Give You Tasty Snacks

Step 1: Sit down and stare with Soulful Eyes. Sigh if needed.

Tricks & Treats 2

Step 2: Shake hands when you request your treat. This will impress them with your good manners.

Tricks & Treats 4

Step 3: Once you've mastered the techniques above, you are ready for the Prairie Dog Pose. For extra treats, combine it with Soulful Eyes and The Sigh from Step 1.

Tricks & Treats 5

Notice the paw position here. Paw position is crucial.

Tricks 5

Step 4: The Standing Pose is a Master Level move requiring strength, balance, and agility. You must stand up without bracing yourself, and maintain the pose long enough to differentiate between a Stand and a Jump. When you've mastered the Stand, your People will be putty in your hands. Use this power wisely.

Treats & Tricks

Do cuddle your People after their training sessions. This reward will reinforce the training and lead to future snacks.