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Tricks & Treats 1The Dog's Tales: a series of posts in which Tilly has her say....

How to Train Your People to Give You Tasty Snacks

Step 1: Sit down and stare with Soulful Eyes. Sigh if needed.

Tricks & Treats 2

Step 2: Shake hands when you request your treat. This will impress them with your good manners.

Tricks & Treats 4

Step 3: Once you've mastered the techniques above, you are ready for the Prairie Dog Pose. For extra treats, combine it with Soulful Eyes and The Sigh from Step 1.

Tricks & Treats 5

Notice the paw position here. Paw position is crucial.

Tricks 5

Step 4: The Standing Pose is a Master Level move requiring strength, balance, and agility. You must stand up without bracing yourself, and maintain the pose long enough to differentiate between a Stand and a Jump. When you've mastered the Stand, your People will be putty in your hands. Use this power wisely.

Treats & Tricks

Do cuddle your People after their training sessions. This reward will reinforce the training and lead to future snacks.


Too, too funny. Bravo, Tilly! Here in this household, we love your tales.

one word for the paw position, Tilly : exquisite.

masterfully done...


Oh, my heart is melting. Let's face it, we're ALL getting a treat out of this. Tilly's got me trained too, without even going through the four-step program—that is some powerful juju.

Tills you are such a clever and beautiful girl...thank you for the lesson of the day...i now know i am being controlled by my daughters two pug dogs....hmmmmmm

Wonderful... and loved reading the "bonuses" on the photos... now I'm wondering what lovely secret messages I've MISSED all these years on those photos! Enough to make me wander back through posts and open the secret messages....

Love this! Tilly is so clever. :)

What a glossy beautiful dog you are Tilly!

When a generous dog parts with her best kept secrets, who could possibly turn away?!

Been smiling thinking of this as I climbed into bed and decided to look at it all over again!


You have clever beautiful talented magical Tillie. I have wily, willful, wannabe writer on my Mac/
Schmendrick. is good.

wanna be writer Marlowe!, on my Mac...

now i will go to bed smiling too

Thank you for the great blog. Keeps me coming back all the time. You may have heard this one already... Enjoy!

I love this, and the second story in the hidden picture captions too, especially the last caption.

Well done Tilly! My dog Pepper (your doppleganger) is taking notes.

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