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I was so pleased when Lau, the folk trio from Scotland, won "Best Band of 2013" in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards (held in Glasgow in January)...for the third, or is it the fourth time now? Named after the Orcadian word for "natural light," the group consists of Kris Drever (guitar and vocals), Martin Green (accordion and piano), and Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle). And if their music wasn't already reason enough to love this band, I also appreciated the banner of support for the UK's National Health Service placed promimently on their keyboard during the Folk Awards ceremony. Well done, lads.

The first two Lau videos today were recorded at the Folk Awards: "Ghosts" by Kris Drevor (above), and "Far From Portland" (below, with a clever use of the accordion). Both songs come from their lovely third album, Race the Loser.

The final tune is "Saving the Bees," recorded for a DropTune session. Simply gorgeous...and distinctly bee-like.

Speaking of which, the bees do need saving. There's a petition here asking the UK government to take action on this urgent matter. (And another one for our badgers here -- plus information about the proposed badger cull, and why it's a terrible idea, from Sir David Attenborough and others.)


Lovely lovely. For some reason I'm not getting visuals but the sound is glorious.

They remind me a bit of the Punch Brothers -- because they bend traditional Scottish music in interesting ways, like the Punch Brothers bend bluegrass/country music. (You can hear that here in the second video particularly.)

If the video visuals continue to be a problem, try looking them up on YouTube.

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