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From the archives: Poetry Pie

Walter Crane

I love April not only because it's the the month when wild daffodils bloom in our woods, but also because it's National Poetry Month, when poetry, too, blooms everywhere...and that's why I've chosen this particular piece from the archives to re-post today. It comes from the spring of 2010...with a small addition....

Some years ago a friend of mine here in the village had a birthday party for which she requested that her guests bring pies to share. I thought about bring a shoofly pie from my Pennsylvania Dutch childhood -- but not only is this something of an acquired taste, it also would have required me to actually cook...and I'm not much of a cook, and even less of a baker, at the best of times. I solved the problem by bringing a Poetry Pie instead: lining a glass pie plate with a "crust" of autumn leaves, filled with acorns, small pines cones, bits of lace and sundries and small scrolls of paper tied in red ribbon: each little scroll containing a poem hand-written in gold ink. Each party guest could then choose a scroll from the pie (I'd made sure that there were enough for all), and whatever poem they found inside "belonged" especially to them. It was food for the spirit, the sweet taste of language, art and dessert rolled into one.

All these years later, I still see poems from that pie pinned to bulletin boards all around the village....

Walter Crane

Since I can't create a Poetry Pie for each of you, here's a "virtual pie" from Myth & Moor to wish you a Happy National Poetry Month...

Pick a number, any number. Follow the link, and you'll find your poem.

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  Sixpence Blackbirds by Scott Gufstason

The color illustrations above come from Walter Crane's Sing a Song of Sixpence, published in 1909. The charming blackbird drawing is by Scott Gustafson. For more about pie, visit our daughter Victoria's Cherries and Chocolate blog. (Unlike me, she can cook, and is a professional pastry chef.)