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The Dog's Tale

The hope of spring

Primrose Path

We're now seeing the first small signs of spring in the woods behind my studio. The pathways are lined with primroses...


And a lone daffodil spreads her yellow skirts....

Wild daffodils

With many more poking up through the leaf mulch, waiting for the right time to bloom.

Tilly in the daffodils

I, too, am waiting for the right time to bloom.     

Every year I remember Anais Nin's words: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Like plants, it is not just once in our lives that we must do this, but over and over again.

I wake every morning, walk in woodlands, and wonder: will today be the day?

The laughter of dogs

“Spring drew on...and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that Hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.”  - Charlotte Bronte (from Jane Eyre)


I apologize, everyone, for taking so long to respond to comments on this week's earlier posts (but I've now finally done so). Flu has knocked my schedule sideways and I'm still catching up...

...dare I say it? Yes-Hope springs eternal. Take easy care of yourself, like the weather, we need our own patience and compassionate understanding above all else. Charlotte Bronte was good at that I think, though the times were different, the issue was the same.

I hope you are feeling much better now, Terri.

I only wish that we knew the actions and requirements for our own unfolding, as the flowers do; because when it isn't happening I can feel like there is some mysterious *thing* that I am supposed to be doing to make it happen, and it is my fault if it ISN'T happening, and I start judging myself.

So I have to remind myself that I am right where I am supposed to be at all times, and let go of that resistance.It is a work in progress.

Here is an encouraging thought— look at all the parts of "blooming" that are not visible to the eye...you could be and probably are in the process of blooming right now, in the roots and stalk, and not yet be aware of it!

Spring blessings!

'Like plants, it is not just once in our lives that we must do this, but over and over again.'

I'm finding this very true. Really appreciate this post today.

Tilly's happy face in the last photo suggests you found an answer to your question - she is the embodiment of 'Yes!' - a little furry bundle of Hope with four legs and a tail. Here's to spring blooming, for us all!

me too - and it is confusing when the rules change ... it's growing pains again ..

It was only the second time I looked at these pictures that I noticed Tilly's nose in the right upper corner of the second one. Adorable.

We haven't seen much sign of spring here in the Maritimes, but hopefully it will be soon...

Ditto - I'm waiting... and waiting... and feel still like a woman in a cave and wanting nothing else. Maybe when it really warms up here. Today it is cold with freezing rain, fire in the hearth, who would want to bloom today?

Oh, that one daffodil!

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