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Studio Bench 1The Dog's Tales: a series of posts in which Tilly has her say....

I like to stretch out on this bench by the studio, feeling the sun on my fur and thinking deep thoughts ... sometimes about bones. Sometimes about cats. Today, I am thinking about Zoroastrianism.

Here's what it says in a book called Symbolic & Mythological Animals by J.C. Cooper:

"Nowhere is the dog more venerated and cared for than in Zoroastianism. The Avesta and other sacred books say the dog symbolizes sagacity, vigilance and fidelity and is the pillar of the pastoral culture. It must be treated with the utmost kindness and reverence. Every household should not only give food to every hungry dog but the dog should be fed with 'clean food,' specially prepared, before the family itself is fed. At religious ceremonies a complete 'meal of the dog' is prepared with consecrated food and the dog is served before the worshippers join in the communal meal. A prayer is said as the dog eats."

I told my People that they should become Zoroastrians so that I can have special food and be venerated.

They said, don't be silly. You're already venerated plenty.

They have a point.

Studio Bench 2


Between ancient Persia and ancient Egypt, the cat and the dog have been royally revered and worshiped. How wise were the ancients. Though I suspect if the Egyptians had somehow been able to see the state of my bath after the cats have finished tap-dancing in it following a day playing in the mud, they may have wondered about the sacred status of felines!

But there again, like all servants of cats, they may have wondered for a while, and then put away their doubts.


I would have thought that all food is your favourite special food? ;)

That is a dog at the centre of her chi.

Tilly- Zen... such absolute presence in her sunbathing!

Charming as usual, I can see these riotous cats using your home like a trapeze and
a playground. Hail Bast.

Tilly, you are such a beauty and such a delight.

Thank you, Phyllis. Hail Bast indeed. On our mantlepiece we have two small statuettes and a photograph of Queen Bast bought when we went to the British Museum a few years ago. The original bronze statue has golden earrings and a nose ring and stands about a metre high. Imagine the mayhem that could be wrought if the Goddess's mortal feline subjects stood as tall!

I have a little shrine with odds and ends magical. Two Basts. I saw an authentic HUGE
Bast at the Hearst Castle some years ago. I think it brought me good luck. But except for a sweet elegant black manx, all my cats have been orange.

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