Spring arrives in Chagford
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The place of beginning

On the hill

"Many of us in this time have lost the inner substance of our lives and forgotten to give praise and remember the sacredness of all life. But in spite of this forgetting, there is still a part of us that is deep and intimate with the world. We remember it by feel. We experience it as a murmur in the night, a longing and restlessness that we can't name, a yearning that tugs at us. For it is only recently, in earth time, that the severings of the connections between people and land have taken place. Something in our human blood is still searching for it, still listening, still remembering. Nicaraguan poet-priest Ernesto Cardenal wrote, ' We have always wanted something beyond what we wanted.'  I have loved those words, how they speak to the longing place inside us that seeks to be whole and connected to the earth. This too is the place of beginning, the source of our living."

- Linda Hogan (Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World)

The Village neztled below.

"Watch young children outdoors. It’s very rare to find a young child who is not enthusiastically curious about the life around him, whatever form that life takes. I was just with my two-year-old grandson this past weekend. A stroll around the yard with him takes a while. He points to a butterfly with great excitement and wants the name and tries to repeat it. He brings a very tiny golden-bronze seed to me to hold and keep. And treasure. 'Bug' was one of his first words. He can watch a trail of ants with an enduring focus. 'Moon' was an early word for my sons and my grandsons, too. The sight of the moon always occasioned joy and rapt attention. And dandelions, even to my five-year-old grandsons, are amazing and beautiful. And they are right to be so amazed. The life forms on our earth are amazing to children, and they remain amazing for many adults. The more we learn about them the more amazing and mysterious they become. The same is true for all the stars and cosmic bodies existing in the heavens. The universe is overflowing with passion. For my own sake, I try with words to tap into that passion, that intense will-to-be, the tight hold against oblivion, the yes-power existing within all the manifestations of light."

-- Pattiann Rogers (interviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey in Poets & Writers)

The magic of the hill.

"Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise. "  - Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way)

Tilly leads the way.