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Rex, Howard, and Tilly

I'm delighted to pass on the following Public Service Announcement from my husband Howard and his elusive friend Rex...

The Barleycorn Boys Are Back in Town!

Guess who just got back today? Howard and Rex, those wild eyed boys who’ve been away.

We’ve been off the grid for a bit, wrestling with our creative muses. (Literally, in Rex’s case; he’s muddy and bruised!) Now spring has sprung, and we’re back in the virtual world, and we have a trinity of delights to share:

1. We’re now posting our complete graphic novel, John Barleycorn Must Die, online at a page a day on our new John Barleycorn blog. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance.

The new blog:

2. We also have a John Barleycorn Tumblr site, where we’ll be posting art work from the comic every day. (Just art, no text.) If you have a Tumblr account, please come follow us!

The new Tumblr:

3. Rex now has a Facebook page (god help us!), called Rex Van Ryn Presents. He’ll be discussing all things comics related (artists who started in comics, celebrities who are comic enthusiasts, etc.), and providing links to what is happening in the comics world at the moment, particularly independent comics. It’s all just getting started, so please come join in the conversation (and keep an eye on Rex!)


Please join us on any or all these sites -- and if you know anyone interested in comics, would you please help us boost the signal?

It’s good to be back!

Howard & Rex

Picture above: Rex, Howard, Tilly, and Rex's invisible dog, who is also called Rex.


Welcome back, gentlemen!

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