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Tunes for a Monday Morning

I'm back, and I'm still in a British folk groove (heck, I'm always in a British folk groove), so here's more beautiful music from these beautiful islands....

Above: Damien O'Kane performs "Summer Hill,"  backed up by John Joe Kelly, Gerard Thompson, and his wife, Kate Rusby. The song comes from his 2010 album of the same name.

Below: Kate Rusby performs "No Names" at Celtic Connection in 2011, backed up by Damien. The song comes from her 7th album, The Girl Who Couldn't Fly.

Kate comes from a musical family in the north of England, Damien from a musical family in Northern Ireland. They live in Yorkshire with their two young daughters and a dog named Doris (pictured below).

Above: Kate sings "The Mockingbird" at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2011. The song comes from her 9th album, No Light. (Her latest release is a double album, 2o, and it's superb.)

And to end on a livelier note, here's Damien on banjo, performing a trio of tunes with Shona Kilpling on accordion: "The End," "Trip to Romania," and "Fringe Benefits." The musicianship here is dazzling.


If you'd like a little more this morning, try "Wandering Soul" performed by Kate Rusby & Friends at the Royal Festival Hall in London last autumn. The video is a little shaky, but the song is gorgeous, and the introduction is adorable.