Last call....
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I would be there in a heartbeat, if there wasn't an ocean to cross or I knew how to get in touch with the Star Trek crew and ask them to "beam me" over.

Me too. I have to be with my two sons as we visit usually once a week, and go to a
Happy Donut in south San Francisco hills. But I will float over in spirit to those other
hills and dance Widdershins and scatter blessings somehow, and applaud Gaton (is that derived from a town that is cheerful?) storytelling and a winsome talk from Ms. Windling.
Listen for a faint whispery whistling.

Me too, me too.

Hope it went well. Wish I could have gone!!

It was a lovely evening, Joel. The tickets sold out, but we squeezed some extra folks in so I don't think anyone was turned away at the door.

And a big thank you to everyone who came, from near and far. We enjoyed it and hope you did too.

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