Embracing it all...
Into the Woods, 10: Wild Children

Tunes for a Monday Morning

For today's tunes we go into the woods of Finland, where musicians of the Forest Folk movement compose experimental music rooted in Finnish folk traditions, inspired by the sounds of the natural world.

First, if you're unfamiliar with Forest Folk, have a look at the ArtsWorld video above, which provides a short introduction to the music.

Below: "Painovoimaa, valoa" from Lau Nau (the stage name of Laura Naukkarinen), from her second albumn,  Nukkuu (2008). Lau Nau is a leading figure in the development of Forest Folk (living and working in remote countryside on Kimito island), although she herself is wary of labels and describes her music as "ethnic tinged experimental folk." I recommend her first two albums as examples of Forest Folk, as her most recent album is more wideranging -- incorporating elements of pop, electronica, and dance music. It's interesting, but for me works best when she goes back to her folk roots and her love of "quiet sounds."

A deer in a Finnish forest

Above: "Rohkaisulaulu" by Islaja (the stage name of Merja Kokkonen), from her third album, Ulual Yyy (2007). Her most recent work is more electronic, so it's this early work that links Islaja to the Forest Folk movement.

Below: "Nainen Tarina" by Violeta Päivänkakkara, from her album Kuu (2012).

Sipoonkorpi Forest in Finland

If you'd like to listen a little more of this atmospheric music this morning, go here. More information about Finnish experimental music can be found here.