Tunes for a Monday Morning
Into the Woods, 26: The Deepwood (Part 1)

What Tilly and I saw on our morning walk...

A rainbow bridge into Faerie bursts of summer showers: a rainbow stretching from the open moor to the rolling green fields of Chagford. In myth, rainbows often lead to the land of the gods, to the spirit world, or else into the Good Folks' realm . . . which seems appropriate here. The wild hills of Devon are Faerieland enough for me.

Rainbow over the fields

Rainbows never fail to fill me with awe. I love their fragility, ephemerality, and the way they appear so suddenly, like a magical visitation. Tilly and I stopped to watch this one until fresh rain showers drove us home again, shrieking (me, not Tilly) as we ran through the woods, getting very wet indeed.

Wet dog

Now Tilly lounges by the studio window, damp but content, while the rain drums patterns on the cabin's tin roof. Outside, the parched hills drink it down; and inside, all is snug and dry. With Celtic fiddles on the stereo and a fresh mug of coffee to hand, the work week begins ....

The work week begins