Into the Wood, 32: Swan Maidens and Crane Wives
Moving update...

Moving Day approaches...

The Goods and Chattels Man by Rima StainesNot mine, don't worry, but my mother-in-law's. She's moving house, and I'll be off-line all next week while we're doing the final packing.

Myth & Moor will resume the following week (the first week of September).

In the meantime, please feel free to carry on the discussion and poetry exchanges in the Comments sections of previous posts. And wish us luck!

The art above, of course, is by the wonderful Rima Staines; it's called "The Goods and Chattels Man." Below, Tilly makes certain that no one packs up her dog toys by mistake...

Dog toy

See you in September!


Good luck to you all. Moving house/root-canal work are on a par in my opinion! Deploy the sense of humour and then add anesthetic in the form of a large crate of beer...

P.S. How could anyone resist Tilly when she looks at you with those eyes?

P.P.S. The crate of beer should only be applied at the end of the day!

And good luck to all. I have seen what needs to be moved and shoved into a smaller space. Glad I have escaped home before being coerced into helping! LOL


Fortunately she's a member of the Chagford Filmmaking Group (for whom, as you know--but other folks here may not, she sews costumes, being a professional theatrical costume designer), and lots of those kind folks have offered to help. Bless them, bless them, bless them. Now we just have to figure how to squeeze all those lovely costumes into a small cottage....

Meanwhile, due to the usual kerfuffles when house buying/selling is part of a chain, the moving date keeps getting changed on us. When this is all done and dusted, will someone please pour me a good strong single-malt whiskey? Make that three: one for Howard too, and another for my mother-in-law, who is coming straight off the filming of "Tam Lin" into this move. She has more energy than most 20-year-olds (despite being in her 70s), but this is a daunting schedule even for her.

Absolutely on a par, I agree.

I have several different single malts. But you'd have to come up here for a dram! And DON'T take the B Plane.


Fare thee well all with all, (including the malts). May the wind be at your backs and the hands be many for the helping. I will be traveling off line myself from the 30th through September 12th, amd will miss your delicious blog till my own return.

Being an artist/creative person seems to bring soooo much stuff with it, even if one wants to have a more Zen-like simplicity, seems the material needs doesn't allow it! Good luck!!

All the best with your mother-in-law's move!

I can't wait to order that film when its available. I have two of theirs and would love to get the rest.

We're just coming out the other side of a move right now. Boxes everywhere. Where does all that stuff come from? I want to do what the cat's been doing and tuck myself into a ball in the corner of a room and sleep until it's over.

I agree with Stuart - I'd take root canal with a rusty can opener over a move any day.

Can't wait til you're back! Your posts and pictures of Tilly and wild ponies and other such good things cheer me up when I get depressed. Just thought I'd come out of lurker-dom for a moment to mention that. ::slinks back into the ominous trees again::

Thank you for de-lurking, and for your kind words. Tilly and I will be back on Thursday!

One of my favorite quotes, but I am not sure who said it. "The worst thing about being a poet (I include any kind of artist/creative person) is that you have to feed an animal." Not
to belittle animals we care for but our own bodily and social responsibilities. Of course
the other side of this coin is how much we learn to lend to our art.

But sometimes I wish I could just float...

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