Into the Woods, 29: Beneath the trees
Deer prayers

Tunes for a Monday Morning

Above, "I Just Might Pray" -- a video that never fails to make me smile. It's from Good Man Down, the lovely new album by American singer/songwriter David Mayfield. (And yes, that's the Avett Brothers you hear singing in the background.)

Below, "Agape" by the London-based trio Bear's Den: Andrew Davie, Kev Jones and Joey Hayne. It's a sad song about love lost, simply performed, and simply beautiful.

I suppose that if there's a theme this morning, it must be Love Songs Sung by Men With Beards... let's include the Avett Brothers themselves (from North Carolina), with both Scott and Seth Avett sporting beards these days, as well as cello player Joe Kwan. I've made no secret of my Avett love on this blog, which shows no sign of waning. I'm slayed by their musicanship; their poetic (and unabashedly heart-on-the-sleeve) lyrics; and the sheer beauty of Joe's cello. Below is "February Seven," the charming new video for a song about love's return.

(This one's for Jane Yolen, who loves antique shops.)

And last: Deep Dark Woods from Canada, with their version of "Pretty Peggy-o." The bearded fellow with the gorgeous voice is Bryan Boldt.

"Pretty Peggy-o" is an American Civil War variant of a Scottish folksong, "The Boonie Lass o'Fyvie," about the unrequited love of a captain of Irish dragoons for a beautiful Scottish lass in Fyvie. The song traveled to America's Appalachian mountains with Scots immigrants, where it was collected and brought back to England by Cecil Sharpe.