Beyond the fields we know
An urgent appeal from Tilly and me...

Tunes for a Monday Morning

Three beautiful songs to start off a beautiful summer week, all recorded for the The Mahogony Sessions here in the UK:

First (above), "Facing West," by The Staves, three sisters from Watford, Hertfordshire -- all of them songwriters and incredible musicians. This was recorded just ten days ago at the Secret Garden Party, a music and arts festival in Cambridgeshire.

Second (below), "Rooftops" by Liz Lawrence, a talented young singer/songwriter from London, recorded on the Secret Garden Party site earlier in the summer. This is one of those songs I can't get out of my head -- perhaps because I spent so much time on rooftops in my New York and Boston days -- but it's so lovely that I really don't mind. (This one goes out to Tom Canty, Rick & Sheila Berry, Richard Salvucci, and Phil Hale, with whom I spent so many Newbury Street nights, back in my Twenties, "drinking in the sky and eating the stars.")

Third (below), "Dandelion" by Ruby and the Rib Cage, a four-piece London band backing the amazing young singer known only as Ruby, who has been getting a lot of attention at the summer festivals this year (And is it just me, or does she look like she stepped out of a Rossitti painting?) This particular performance was recorded back in March 2012, I'm not sure where. 

And oh heck, here's one more for you today:

Liz Lawrence again -- this time with the new video for "Sons and Daughters," her gorgeous, gorgeous song with Allman Brown.