Moving Day approaches...
A moment's pause for adorableness....

Moving update...

Moving Day by Norman Rockwell

After a week of hard work, my mother-in-law is packed up and ready to move into her new cottage tomorrow morning. (Oh, how we're praying for a clear, dry day!) We've got many, many boxes of books, fabrics, antique china, and theatre costumes to haul; furniture to maneuver up narrow, winding stairs; and paintings to transport gently (Howard's grandmother, Ruth Sudbury-Palmer, was a landscape artist)...but there will also be food and cake (thanks to the kind harpist across the road), and by nightfall it will all be done.

On Wednesday I plan to collapse, and I'll back in the studio (and back on-line) by Thursday. See you then.

Books and theatre costumes, waiting to be moved...

Tilly by the studio


Good to know the schedule holds, the movers have not (yet) collapsed, tempers have been controlled, and all's right with the Chagford world. I was spinning the invisible prayer wheels, chanting mantras of moving, holding you all close to my heart.

This is my wedding anniversary. So I think I had a lot of good karma to give out to those in need.


How amazing Norman Rockwell captured both of you. Looking forward as all is settled and we begin
more magical settings and wise words.

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