Tunes for a Monday Morning
Sisters Fox and Coyote


Hello Terri. Have a good rest and indulge yourself! I often do whether I deserve it or not. Also, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, the Panacea of all ills and exhaustion is chocolate...preferably by the bucket-load. A crate of your favourite liquid refreshment may help as well.

Oh, and don't forget the guilty pleasures, they're always very restful. For me that's always the BBC's version of 'Pride and Prejudice' on DVD...either that or 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'...They're similar I'm sure you'll agree. Anyway, hopefully you'll soon be well rested and ready to face the world again.

Dear Terri,

At least it's not complex exhaustion!

Take care of yourself and let those near and dear to you take care of you as well.

For Terri.

Red fox,
black socks,
white bib swell.
Red fox,
granite rocks,
Dartmoor dell.
Fiery brush,
wood and rush,
wish my friend well.

With love,


Hi Terri

I hope you get the rest you need and deserve. I love that picture of "The Winter Queen And The Fox Lover". Foxes are such a delectable part of myth and fable. Their sly and eerie characters fascinate. Here's one of my favorite poems by Jane Hirshfield and her view of foxes at twilight

Three Foxes At The Edge Of Twilight
By Jane Hirschfield

One ran,
her nose to the ground,
a rusty shadow
neither hunting nor playing.
One stood; sat; lay down; stood again.

One never moved,
except to turn her head a little as we walked.

Finally we drew too close,
and they vanished.
The woods took them back as if they had never been.

I wish I had thought to put my face to the grass.

We kept on walking,
speaking as strangers do when becoming friends.

There is more and more I tell no one,
strangers nor loves.
This slips into the heart
without hurry, as if it had never been.

And yet, among the trees, something has changed.

Something looks back from the trees,
and knows me for who I am.
Take care

I love Jackie Morris, Wendell Berry, and how about declaring "TERRI & TILLY TIME OFF TUESDAYS"

Love to you.

Hugs, kitsune kisses, and love,


Thank you, everyone -- especially Austin for the charming fox poem!

I love Jane Hirschfield but didn't know that poem. Thank you!

I'm a big fan of both!

So sweet and foxy!

Ooh, new poets to explore, Jane Hirschfield and W.S. Merwin. Thank you. Must plan a trip to the library very soon.

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