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I tried this particular move, that Tilly is demonstrating, as part of my Pilates regime and had to be cut out of my underwear and have my bowel realigned. I do not recommend it!

Warning. Please do not move on to emulating your cats.

In my youth I was noted for leaving muddy footprints on kitchen surfaces and in bathtubs, and also for depositing the occasional headless mouse in peoples' slippers, but all of that is definitely a thing of the past now...mostly.

This past week I presented a few art dogs on my blog but Tilly is a moving artwork all on her own. T-minus 20 months until I can adopt a dog. Until then, art and photos are all I can have. Thanks for sharing.

Now that I have nearly finished laughing out very loud, I commend you for your fine
feral fascination frolics...oops, more laughter...that is, refraining from. You know, you
should start your 'Old Possum's Book of Impractical Cats,' and end up with a howling musical.

Phyllis, great idea and great title! Do you think Mr Lloyd-Weber would be interested...?

He'd be a fool not to. Oh the song titles....

I love the Art Dog Week on your blog! The paintings are great, and the vessel from Mexico is a wonder.

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