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The Snow Maiden by Edmund Dulac

Coming up next week, as promised: the Winter Poetry Challenge. If you missed the last one, go here to find out what it's all about. And please help spread the word to any poets (published or unpublished, young or old) who might like to participate...as well as to poetry lovers, who can contribute as well by giving the poets feedback. The Challenge will run from Tuesday, January 14 through Saturday, January 18.

The painting above is "The Snow Maiden" by Edmund Dulac (1882-1953).


Can't wait! I'm going to try and join in this time... was so very busy with writing last time around. Well, am now too, but this is too good to pass up. Also, I'm enchanted by this painting. XO

Oh, oh, expectation;
More fine inspiration.


all the world around
smothered in soft silence
dreaming towards the sun
remembering his warmth
a patient memory slowly pulsing
in life's myriad drowsing veins

snow flakes bedew my disshevelled hair
a soft net of glimmering pearls
and the wind
breathes ice ferns
over my restlessness

thus I sleep
until sun's lightly stroking fingers
rouse me again

“You are an absolute beast” she pipes, playfully swatting me.
And like all beasts, I crave the touch
of a gentle hand, of a soft voice.
She dances and twirls out of my grasp
like a salmon in a cold mountain stream.
Sometimes I think her heart is as cold as winter
and I yearn to bellow and growl in my frustration.
But I know that I will instead recede into the shadows
cast by her smile, bright as winter stars.
I will hibernate there until Spring thaws her heart.

Lovely, Sabine!

These are wonderful, Sabine and Elizabeth!

oh, thank you Terri! I feel really really honoured by your praise!

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