Notes from the desert, Thursday:
Field notes from the mythic desert:


Quiet beauty

I can feel a longing here... peace to you.

Thanks so much for these and all the previous E-West photos, Terri. I feel as if I'm walking around saying good-bye, even though I can't be there.

I only returned recently from a long away in Florida, at the Merritt Island Wildlife Sanctuary and viewing these exquisite shots, am moved to tears by the empty of the beautiful spaces, and the beloved-ness of each object. Chagford longs for you and may your journey be swift to that homecoming my dear,lovely, Terri,

Kind of haunting to feel so drawn in while the passage of time is bringing its change.Thanks for sharing,but please take care,this looks like so much to be done.May you also find some stillness for the nature of this landscape to embrace you,offer it's healing and kiss you fare well,just for now.

Such beauty and grace. May it go with you always

Obviously a well-loved place!

Sometimes there are no words... especially when it comes to loving a place. <3

Terri - I have followed your blog for a while now and fully enjoyed your words and especially your beautiful photographs. I am English and live in LA so you give me a little glimpse of home every week. I have enjoyed the last few posts and the quiet beauty of your retreat in Arizona. I feel your sadness - the land is mournful and beautiful - I share your love of the American West and English countryside. I look forward to many more posts...

Oh Terri if y0u keep posting such charming photos of the desert I shall have to read The Woodwife again! What a lovely warm ,dry place. We are all still dripping wet here! all the best

...A place in which I had the privilege to come of age... thank you for making E-West, for sharing its savage beauty.

How fortunate you were tm!

thank you Terri.

After viewing your photos of the desert, I just had to re-read The Woodwife again (I've re-read it several times!) - one of my favorite escapes! Dreaming about a trip back west in the next year or so. Hope your journey home goes swiftly and safely.

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