The Endicott West Book Auction
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The Endicott West Auction, continuued

Cortney Skinner, Terri Windling, EWest auction

Ellen Kushner is running the last of the Endicott West auctions now, starting with what she calls a "Pre-Raphaelite Blow-out": two book boxes, a box of Morris fabrics...and the leather jacket pictured above, which I modelled in the driveway this morning.

Yes, gentle Readers, it really is a "Hell's Pre-Raphaelite" motorcycle jacket -- designed and  hand-painted by my friend Cortney Skinner. I wore it (and dearly loved it!) for twenty years -- but health issues, alas, have put my motorcycle days behind me, and it's time for the jacket to be passed on. The painting on the back has faded a bit due to all those long motorcyle rides in the hot desert sun, but Cortney has very kindly offered to touch it up again for the auction winner.  (More information on this auction is here. And to see Cortney's other fabulous illustration work, go here.)

Ellen has two more auction offerings in store: a box of books by writers who have stayed at the Retreat (all signed), and a box of sketches and prints by me (from last week's studio clear-out). Keep an eye on her blog for those later today, as they will be the very last E-West auction items.


Sweet jacket. Books are nice too. LOL

That jacket holds a lot of memories. And with this picture taken from the back (by Ellen yesterday), I can almost imagine I'm still as young as I was back when Cortney first painted it....

I still miss my bike. (sigh)

Hello! You have made me a lover of the desert through reading Wood Wife, and I've taken to it enough to lend it to my paintings. I've done a coyote piece, inspired by the coyotes in Wood Wife,
I am a long time reader of your fiction, and was excited to find your blog! (Ah, the wonders of modern technology!) I will be checking in to keep updated! Thanks again for making magic real.

Hell's Pre Raphaelite! Well, dazzle my day!

Sorry, here is the direst link to that post, rather than a general link to my blog :)

Crystal, that is an absolutely gorgeous painting. I feel very honored that The Wood Wife inspired it. Thank you so much for sharing the painting here, and for your kind words.

Thank you so much!!

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