Winter Poetry Challenge: Day 5
Westward bound

The clock strikes

Cinderella by Margaret Evans Price
The clock has gone past here in England, at least, the Winter Poetry Challenge is now over. (If it's not yet midnight wherever you are, then you have a little more time to post.)

A huge thank you to everyone who participated this time around. It's been thrilling watching your poems appear -- works by seasoned professionals and shy newcomers sitting side by side, deep in poetic conversation. And although the Challenge closes to new poems at the stroke of twelve, please do continue to respond to the poems that are here and keep the conversation going. There are some wonderful late entries that don't yet have feedback, and shouldn't be missed.

Now I'm off to catch a pre-dawn ride to the airport, visions of bears, magic mirrors, poisoned apples, shards of ice, fleet-footed deer, wolves and wilderness travelling with me. I'm grateful to you all for a week of enchantment. The Mythic Arts community never fails to astound me.

Art above: Cinderella by Margaret Evans Price (1888-1973)