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The Endicott West Auction, continuued

The Endicott West Book Auction

Books in the E-West Library

Books, books, books. There are books in every room and outbuilding here, as well as the books in the E-West Library (above)...and I've lost some sleep since the Retreat closed wondering what on earth would become of them. There are books I've been collecting since I was young, books I worked on in my years as an editor in New York, and books reviewed for the sixteen volumes of The Year's Fantasy & Horror that I  Some of the books in the E-West Casitaco-edited with Ellen Datlow. There are folklore texts and fat art volumes and first editions signed by various writer friends...and a whole lot more. I haven't the space to house them in England, where our house is tiny and the bookshelves full-to-bursting already. What (I wondered) would become of these Mythic Arts orphans, wandering friendless and alone in the cold, cruel world...?

It turns out that there's a wonderful solution to the problem, thanks to the efforts of Ellen Kushner and Lynne Thomas. The bulk of the E-West Library is now being donated to the Special Collections at Northern Illinois University, where the books will be of use to students and researchers of mythic arts and fantastic literature. Hoorah!

Also, the indefatiguable Ellen is now holding an E-West Book Auction for a few hand-selected gems from the library shelves. There will be several different boxes of books to bid on, with the auction The E-West Bunkhouserunning over the next few days. Money raised this way will be used to defray international moving expenses (I'd like to take a few favorites to Devon, but shipping costs are insanely high). So if you'd like own some lovely books, and also a little piece of E-West's history, head over to Puggy's Hill (Ellen's blog), where the first auction has now begun.....

Edited to add: The second auction has started now, with four new boxes of books to chose from: A Biography Box, a Poetry Lover's Box, a Short Story Lover's Box, and a box of Fiction by Native American Authors. You'll find more information on Puggy's Hill. And stayed tuned for Ellen's final auctions: Pre-Raphaelite treasures, art from the E-West studio, and other sundry things.

Edited again to add: These auctions are now closed, and the books will soon be on their way to their new homes. Many thanks to all who bid.

Some of the books in the Quail House writing hut

The Quail House


Yesterday people were talking about coyotes, and I think it was Minerva Black who said that as a species they're a sort of cross between a fox and a wolf. This set me to thinking and I thought I'd offer this small reflection on time and the sadness of change using England's equivalent of the coyote as a vehicle.


Fox paces through days,
A Spring in his step,
Autumns of red in his coat
And a Winter of death
In his teeth.

But for now there is Summer
And red, russet sunsets,
Where fox
Can pace down our days,
Ticking off time
On metronome paws.

I have been following your blog for some time now, but have never felt brave enough to add my own words in response! You have opened up a whole world to me, of inspirational people, their words and pictures. I am truly grateful for your generosity.
Today I have been moved to add my voice to this space - just to say my thoughts are with you, as this must be a very emotional time for you. There was something about those piles of books....all the memories, having to let go... My heart went out to you.
Thank you again x

Too late now - but I seem to have managed to mess up when filling in the boxes!!! Feeling rather foolish, giving my email address for my name!

I really like this, Stuart.

Thank you, Larraine, for your kind words. There is indeed something very emotional about breaking up a library you've been collecting throughout your life. (And after 30 years working in publishing, it's pretty darn extensive.) Fortunately, everything related to myth, folklore, mythic arts and fantastic literature (which is about three quarters of it) is being donated to a University library in Illinois that specializes in this, so I have the comfort of knowing it will be of use to scholars in our field. The remaining books (other kinds of literature, classics, biographies, art books, etc.) simply have to be dispersed -- a few of them sold or given to friends, most of them donated to a local charity that raises money for Tucson's libraries. We're packing up the University-bound books for shipping today, and a truck full of the others went out yesterday. The E-West ranch has bookcases stuffed into every room and outbuilding (the Retreat's guests were never at a loss for something to read!) and it's going to seem very odd when it is bookless.

Then we tackle the art.

Deep breath, and onward.

Thanks, Terri. I completely agree with Larraine's thoughts and words. I hope the packing up of the library and everything else brings back more happy memories than sad, and that these sustain you through the work ahead.

Very VERY nice, Stuart--love "metronome paws."


Can't wait for the PreRaph box to go up. Wonder if there's anything in it I don't already have, though.


Thank you, Jane! Getting praise from yourself and also from Terri, is the highest of high praise indeed!!

So good to hear that all those books will go on to inspire even more people. Also the art - there are to be some very lucky recipients! (Thank you for taking the time to reply to my tentative words,)
Making space allows more in, keeps the energy flowing.

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