Gradually returning to oneself....
Winter rains

The value of rest

After the storm 1

"We who have lost our sense and our senses -- our touch, our smell, our vision of who we are; we who frantically force and press all things, without rest for body or spirit, hurting our earth and injuring ourselves: we call a halt.

"We want to rest. We need to rest and allow the earth to rest. We need to reflect and rediscover the mystery that lives in us, that is the ground of every unique expression of life, the source of the fascination that calls all things to communion.

"We declare a Sabbath, a space of quiet: for simply being and letting be; for recovering the great, forgotten truths; for learning how to live again."

-- from "Only One Earth," published by the U.N. Environment Programme, Earth Day, 1990

After the storm 2

After the storm 3

After the storm 3


The earth now lies through nights drenched
in the still dark benediction of the rain
and dusky houses and branches stand out bleak
each day in mist, in white, and in the rustling wet.
All, all is rich and restful, with heavy
and secret and rich growth finding its way
through warm soil to every leaf and shoot
and binding everything – near, far – mysteriously
with moisture, fruitfulness, and great desire
- till one clear afternoon suddenly we see
the glistening grass, the tenderly rising grain
and know that life is served by rest.
How could I ever have thought of summer
as richer than this season’s mystery?

- N.P. Van Wyk Louw (South Africa, 1906-1970)

After the storm 5


It always makes me joyful to see the rich color of long grasses in the winter and the exposed rhythm of tree branches shed of their leaves.

Thanks for this! Winter being a treasure much avoided,wonderful!

The combined themes of winter and rest reminds me of a conversation I had with Clare in which we decided that we'd like to hibernate from Mid October until May. We thought we'd wake up for all the Calendar Customs such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Winter Solstice, Imbolc etc, during which time we'd stuff ourselves with all our favourite foods (and drinks!) and then return to our nest for a few more weeks of blissful sleep.

We might try it this year!

Charles--you're a poet!!! I didn't know that. Let me add:

It always makes me joyful to see
the exposed rhythm of branches on the tree,
shed of all their leaves, and the rich hue
of the long brown grasses, and the stripped back view;
the hillside shorn, struts stunning bones
hillocks, switchbacks, trails, tracks, stones.


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