Taking the quieter path
Tunes for a Monday Morning

The Dog's Tale

Coffee spotThe Dog's Tales: a series of posts in which Tilly has her say....

What's this coming through the woods, disturbing the quiet of our Morning Coffee spot?

The Very Big dog

Guarding the path

It appears to be a Very Large dog. She isn't barking......but the question is, should I?


My Person makes the hand gesture that means: Just wait, Tilly. Be calm, be still.


Shy creature

The big dog passes quietly. I examine her prints. What breed has paws like this?

Inspecting the prints

When the creature is gone, my Person settles down with her coffee thermos, notebook, and pen. "Good girl," she tells me as she offers me a treat. Good girl, I tell her I as I take it from her hand. 

I munch on a tasty carrot stick, pleased. My Person's training is going very well.

Standing Guard