Rock, water, and thoughts about failure
The Dog's Tale



I am currently climbing a mountain regarding the "Big Life Stuff,"  and so once again daily posts may not be possible during this stretch of the terrain....


There are mornings when Tilly's steady presence is what gets me up, outside, and keeps me going.


Dog teach us how to live in the present moment instead of the landscape of our worries -- with our eyes and our hearts wide open, our souls expansive, our bodies soft and supple. They show us how to keep on climbing while still "creating the environment" for joy.



To all that doggy strength, add the supporting feral feline ferocity of two mildly deranged cats, who at this very moment are out somewhere, inflicting mayhem on an unsuspecting world. And add too the fat, fifty-something felicitations of myself. Good luck and great strength, Terri; may the mountains you face shrink to molehills and disappear very soon

Knowing Grass

Knowing grass, such lovely greening,
impatient sun-seeking thruster,
well rooted trees for ants
and the inching worm.

Cretaceous heir,
self-seeding adaptor,
even in the teeth of browsers
you remain lush.

You are what Lorca
dreamed of, the seed
of this lonely planet.
Knowing grass, I, too, am green.

©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Many blessings. Music and deep breathing has always helped me get through things. Maybe they will help you at this time.

Sending fairy dust your way.

The love and joy a Dog gives is so special, and such good medicine. All the very best Terri, Marg ox

what a beautiful area, you and tilly have, to enjoy and explore.

best wishes, with the issues.

gentle hugs,

I hope the mountain you have to climb will not be too capricious, and that the descent on the other side will be peaceful.

Much love and good wishes,


Fairfarren Terri!

For all you give us, Terri, I am among all who wish you well. You are our gentle guide into places we never knew and wonders beyond reckoning.

May all be well with you, Terri!

Travel well and strong. I wish you many blessings for the journey.

Journey cake for you. A dog at your side. Music, puppets, and lots of love following your trail.


Dogs teach us how to travel, make friends, stop and smell the wind…

I'm currently traveling through the U.S. with two other members of my family and, for the first time, my dog. Despite the occasional difficulties that arise because she cannot be left in the van in the very hot southwest, her presence on this trip has made all of her human companions more aware than ever of what dogs bring to the table--pure joy.

I wish you all the best and I'm so glad that Tilly has your back.

Wishing you all well :) Lovely photos.

Love that Tilly smile. Good thoughts.

Many blessings and the presence of Grace hold you steady. And to Tilly, much thanks and a good bone in her pack for the pace. Take good care, Malama Pono kou kino.

It seems to me, regarding 'Big Life Things,' they take care of themselves, like a comet have a path of their own, …I have learned I can only care for myself…and then sometimes I can't do that. A lovely post!

I want to follow your blog, how do I do that?

Beautiful, Jane.

Typepad (this blogging platform) only has a "follow" option for other Typepad users, I'm afraid.

When I'm on my usual schedule, I post early every weekday morning (UK time), so it's easy to know when a new post will be here. I'm hoping it won't be *too* much longer before I'm able to resume that schedule once again.

Thank you so much for your support, everyone, which warms my heart.

Still climbing...

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