Dear readers....


Ah the Dog
In his natural state
Never too early
Never too late
All of us strive to get back to the land
And a fine, digging dog can give us a hand.

Seems like a perfectly logical, reasonable way to get some cool shade. :)

Tilly you make me laugh! Especially your picture caption comments. Unlike you I know exactly what The Big Dig is - or rather, was. Maybe your Person can show you this:

I know the Endicott Studio started in the North End, so your Person must remember what it was like before, or maybe during, the Dig. I don't know about wolves in Boston then but I understand that the rat population made its presence known because of all that tunneling.

Enjoy your den, Little Wolf!

I love this post! They love to dig down where it's a bit cooler. My old wolf always dug himself trenches........your fellow chose a perfect spot for it.......and what a beautiful place for sitting and dreaming.......sigh.

Digging the dirt

Hey man,dig this dirt,
it's cool baby,
in the shades,
we stride out
when the sun goes down,
everybody talking
about what we did there.
Everybody digging it.
But only we, you dig,

©2014 Jane Yolen all rights (that's cool) reserved

I always wonder where all the soil goes when they excavate. You never find enough to fill in the hole. Might as well leave it. :)

The doggie knows what he likes!

A den with cool dirt, a little green and a lovely ramada over head for just enough sun to delight.

I hope Tilly finds some comfort in her den beneath the bench, she looks a little worried.

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