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Tunes for a Monday Morning

All of the music today come from the UK alt-folk bank Matthew and the Atlas, known for their poetic lyrics, gorgeous harmonies, and Matt Hagarty's velvet voice.  They've just released their first album, Other Rivers -- which has a slightly different sound than their previous EPS, more "alt" than "folk." Although I prefer the earlier accoustic sound (old folky that I am), the album is definitely growing on me.

Above, a haunting video for "Nowhwere Now" (reminiscent of Charles Freger's Wilder Mann), from Other Rivers.

Below, a live performance of "To the North" for Reverb Magazine's "Mile Marker" series, filmed in Denver, Colorado. The song comes from an EP of the same name, but is also included on the new album.


"Come Out of the Woods," from the Kingdom of Your Own EP, which remains my favorite of their songs. (Lyrics here.) This performance was filmed at ASongAPlace's Sunday Folk Club in Brussels, Belgium. 

And last:

A mysterious video for "Pale Sun Rose"  from the new album.

Want more this morning? Have a listen to "Within the Rose" (posted here a couple of years ago) and "I Followed Fires. (Thanks again to Jennifer Ambrose, who first introduced me to this band.)